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   Big Flats, Adams County, Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a permit required for a driveway, garage, outbuilding, fence etc.?

A: Yes. New construction requires a Land Use Permit before proceeding. Any building 150 sq ft or larger, house additions, covered or attached decks all require a permit. Contact the Town Hall at 608-564-7754, or go to Forms/Applications online for a Driveway Permit or Land Use Permit for any new building.


Building Permits are required from Adams County after first receiving a Land Use Permit from the town. Sanitary, Well and Electric permits are required and inspected by Adams County. All land divisions, certified survey maps, and lot combinations require a Land Division Application.

Q: Can I park an RV on my land?

Yes, but only one is allowed year-round if licensed and road ready. Hookups to septic regulated by Adams County (See Zoning Chapter 4G). No RV may be used as a permanent dwelling.


Q: Can I put a mobile or manufactured home on my land?

Yes, but must be HUD certified built after 1976 and must have HUD certification plate on home. Must have at least 840 sq. ft. of living space (840 sq. ft. is also minimum for stick built homes) and requires a Land Use Permit.


Q: Where can I find a Zoning District Map?

Page 11 in the Zoning Ordinance online.


Q: How do I get an address (fire number)?

A: You must first apply for a driveway permit, a $25.00 fee and the completed form from the Forms/Application menu and submit it to the township.  Once approved, you need to apply with Adams County Treasurer's office for a fire number, they process the request, have the sign made and the township installs the sign.  A fee of $70.00 will be assessed on your property taxes as a special charge.


Q: My fire No. is worn/missing-how do I obtain a new fire number?

A: Contact Dale Kipfer @ 608-474-0990 or the Town Clerk at 608-564-7754. A new sign will be installed for you. There is a $40 charge for the new sign.


Q: How do I obtain a Transfer Pass?

A: You can download an application directly from the Forms/Application menu


Q: Where can I find weight limits and an application for town roads?

A: Go to Forms/Applications and download a Weight Limit Permit.



2022 tax payments, dog license information, etc.
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Property Tax Assistance Information from the Board:


This time of year it's common to receive questions related to financial assistance for property taxes. This year, you may notice an increase in calls due to economic hardships caused by the pandemic.

Below is some information to help with questions you may receive. Feel free to pass this on to your team.


Three credits are applied directly to a property tax bill with the amounts printed separately on the bill.

1.       Lottery and Gaming Credit – if you are a Wisconsin resident, own your property and it is your primary residence, a property owner may qualify for this credit

2.       First Dollar Credit – if there is a real property improvement on the land, the property qualifies for this credit

       3.       School Levy Tax Credit – all taxable real property in Wisconsin qualifies for this credit


There are also credits an individual may claim on their Wisconsin income tax return. The income tax return instructions are the best source to determine qualification for these credits.


1.       Homestead Credit – this credit has requirements that can be found in the income tax instructions or in the common questions on our website at Claiming Homestead Credit

2.       Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit – a credit equal to the amount of property taxes paid during the year on an eligible veteran's or surviving spouse's principal dwelling. The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) provides a certificate of eligibility. Information, instructions and request forms can be found on the DVA website.

       3.       Renter's and Homeowner's School Property Tax Credit – this credit is not available if an 

        individual claims the veterans ans surviving spouses property tax credit.


There is one program intended for the elderly in particular

  • The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) provides property tax deferral loans for the elderly
  • For more information, contact WHEDA at (800)755-7835


Financial hardship

In the case of an individual that is suffering a financial hardship due to the pandemic, encourage them to reach out to their legislators to make them aware of their situation. This is helpful for legislators when they reconvene in 2021, and possibly pursue new COVID relief legislation.


Tax credits/assistance information is included on the property tax bill backer.


If you have any further questions, you can contact me at



John Dickert

Division Administrator

State and Local Finance

Wisconsin Department of Revenue


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