Big Flats, Wisconsin
   Big Flats, Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a permit required for a driveway, garage, outbuilding, fence etc.?

A: Yes. Contact the Town Hall at 608-564-7754, or go to Forms/Applications for a Driveway Permit or Land Use Permit for any new building.


Q: How do I get an address (fire number)?

A: You must first apply for a driveway permit, a $25.00 fee and the completed form from the Forms/Application menu and submit it to the township.  Once approved, you need to apply with Adams County Treasurer's office for a fire number, they process the request, have the sign made and the township installs the sign.  A fee of $25.00 will be assessed on your property taxes as a special charge.


Q: My fire No. is worn/missing-how do I obtain a new fire number?

A: Contact Larry Beck @ 608-474-0369 or the Town Clerk at 608-547-1864. A new sign will be installed for you. There is a $25 charge for the new sign.


Q: How do I obtain a Transfer Pass?

A: You can download an application directly from the Forms/Application menu


Q: Where can I find weight limits and an application for town roads?

A: Go to Forms/Applications and download a Weight Limit Permit.



Big Flats Town Hall
1104 County Road C
Arkdale, WI 54613

Phone: 1 608 564 7754


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